микропроцессорные средства и программные продукты в области автоматизации и управления

MC-s ADxx
Expansion module for the controller MaxyCon Flexy-S
MC-s ADxx
  • Control of various engineering and process plants by recorded user program
MC-s ADxx

  • Admission of input analog or digital signals
MC-s ADxx
Supply voltage ~24 V, 50 Hz, =24 V
Power consumption, max 1,5 W
Inputs analog – Pt1000, Ni1000, (0-10)V or discrete with internal power supply 10 pcs
A communication method with base unit MaxyCon Flexy-S and other expansion modules wire interface
Maximum number of connectable
modules in the chain to MaxyCon Flexy
Case Protection level IP 20
Connection wire cross-section less than 1 mm²
MC-s ADxx
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MC-s ADxx
    • Case (70х86х60)

      • Mounting- 35mm DIN-rail

overall and mounting dimensions

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