микропроцессорные средства и программные продукты в области автоматизации и управления

Freemax mini

 Freely programmable controller for control engineering systems.
      Designed for mounting on DIN-rail.
      Has different communication interfaces.

Freemax mini
  • Control of various engineering and process plants by recorded user program
Freemax mini

General functions

  • Processing of input signals with recorded by user logic and control of outputs of the controller on the basis of this logic
  •  Maintaining parameter on setpoint value using PID-algorithm
  • The possibility of organizing any functions associated with the work in "real time", including the organization of data archiving
  • Displays information on the alphanumeric LCD


    The possibility to creating on Flash-cards format SD the archive to record analog parameters at specified intervals and discrete parameters and status by the time.
The number of types recorded in the archives of analog parameters is not limited. The number of types of discrete parameters - limited by number 64.
Archive capacity depends on the capacity of Flash-cards.

Communication capabilities

 For communication with other controllers by the interface network , or to be able to enable the controller to dispatch system it provides the following interfaces:

  • RS-485 (MODBUS-RTU and UNIVERS protocols)
  • TP/FT-10 (protocol LonWorks)
  • Ethernet (protocol MODBUS-TCP).


 Is possible simultaneous operation of the Ethernet interface and any of the other two interfaces. But, the controller can not be used as an interface converter.
The RS-485 is installed on the left of the controller as a separate module IPC-RS3-485.
    Interface TP / F-10 is installed to the left of the controller as a separate module IPC-LON.
 The Ethernet interface unit is a part of controller.

Freemax mini
Supply voltage ~24 V, 50 Hz, =24 V
Power consumption, max 10 W
Programming * "Configurator FBD» and a standard programming language FBD standard IEC 61161-3
Inputs analog Pt1000, Ni1000, (0—10) V, (4-20) мА ** 5 pcs
discrete with internal power supply 5 pcs.
Output Analog - (0-10) V, 20 kOm 3 pcs
discrete voltage-freeе 6 А, ~250 V 6 pcs
Interfaces*** RS-485 (MODBUS-RTU and UNIVERS protocols) 1 pcs
TP/FT-10 (protocol LonWorks) 1 pcs
Ethernet (prototocol MODBUS-TCP) 1 pcs
Display type alphanumeric LCD
Keyboard type touch
Case Mounting DIN-rail mounting
Protection level IP20
Connection wire cross-section less than 1 mm²

* The program is created on a computer and transferred to the controller with one of the following ways:

  • Flash-card format SD (Secure Digital)
  • connecting the controller to the computer over a network RS-485
  • connecting the controller to the computer over a network Ethernet
  • remotely over the Internet in the presence of the controller the static IP-address

** Connecting primary converters with output signal (4-20) мА, possible using the transform block signal BPS - (4-20) mA → (2-10) B.
*** Setting both interfaces RS-485 and TP / FT-10 at the same time is not possible.

Freemax mini
eng mini
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Freemax mini
      • Case(105х86х60)

        • Mounting- 35mm DIN-rail

overall and mounting dimensions

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